My name is Bob and this is my site. It started some years ago in Jersey when I was just filming this stuff to get my hands on some nice hot 18 year olds. Let's face it, when you're an old crab like me, women my age just make you want to puke. So I decided, what better way to get your hands on some nice tight 18 year old ass than to film it. Nothing gets this old pecker harder than seeing a tight body and a nice cute innocent face on her knees with a cock in her mouth, and looking up at me with bashful trusting eyes. Then only to see that bashful face ignite with surprise as 4-5 massive loads cover it for the first time. Nothing can be finer! This is my hobby, this is what I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Danica Dillon
Danica Dillon is simply in love with anal. On her recent trip to New Jersey, she insisted that we pound her ass and not her pussy as it was "RESTING" from a previous scene. Her BJ technique was great, hell she could even fit two cocks in her mouth, a sort of whore multi-tasking. Her asshole was was a great fit for the studs and pounding it made her scream with delight. Real or not, Danica was a true whore. She learned to love anal growing up on an isolated farm, where her asshole was an open invitation to any body in her neighborhood. It was her asshole that led her down the hershey highway to Hollywood porn.

eve ellington
Eve Ellington came out of retirement to do a scene with us before she went to LA to get back into her career. I never realized how sexy this nasty slut was! Or maybe it was that she was horny from not getting fucked on a regular schedule, like she did before her short retirement. It was a real joy to video her, as we were able to treat her as a rag doll that has an affinity for cock. Her pussy was not "used" for a while, so her pussy was tight and the guys had to pound away, 'til it responded and her clit glistened from her cum. Finally, Eve got her reward a big double load of cum, and Eve was back on the road to whoredom.

taylor dare
Taylor Dare is a cute teen who loves porn, but is a very lazy whore. She seems to like having the male talent do all the work, and it was a constant battle to get her to show more energy when sucking dick or getting her pussy pounded. After having a talk with her, I found out that it was the cold weather that made her lazy. After all, she was from Florida and this was the first time she saw snow. So, after turning up the heat, Taylor started paying more attention to the dicks of her male talent. That said, she turned into a pretty good 18 year-old slut. She got into deep throating and enjoyed getting fucked while playing with her pretty teen clit. Finally, she took two loads with a smile, which by the way was a first for her. Then, Taylor got dressed and went out into the cold New Jersey night, and swore that she would never go anywhere there was snow, as the snow and the cold almost ruined her porn debute.

Tori Paige
Tori Paige is one hot teen slut! Before we started the scene, she warmed herself up with a dildo and got her pussy ready for Big Red and his weapon of mass destruction. Since she usually gets fucked at least once a day, his cock easily slid up her pussy and then, Tori was his cum- fuck-me ho. She did what ever he said, just as long as he kept on pounding her. Finally, he got tired of fucking her so he gave her a creamy facial, then Tori got 3 more loads from Red's friends and they made her into a "glazed donut."

Dave brought Will to a very sleazy motel to fuck his sex-crazed friend, Samantha. She just wanted to get fucked in a cheap motel, as this was part of her fantasy. Anyway, the moment they get in her room, she grabs their dicks and sucks. Then Dave and Will work on her together, one on her pussy the other getting his dick sucked. Then they switched positions and she went crazy, as having sucking off two guys was also part of her fantasy. Then she discovered the joys of licking assholes and each of the guys got a rim job. Finally, the money shot, and Samantha wants both loads in her mouth, but Dave has bad aim and his cum shot lands on her face, while Will is on target, right down her throat. Now Samantha tells Dave that she always wanted to fuck him, since she first saw him with her sister years ago. Now Samantha is satisfied having fucked Dave and full filling one of her fantasies.

Victor and Dave wanted fuck Lindsay, a hot girl from Long Island. Lindsay just loves getting fucked, has a hard time saying NO. Well, she gave a really messy blowjob; even stuffing two cocks in her mouth at once, now that is real talent. She loved guys eating her pussy, while she had a cock in her mouth, almost as much as getting fucked while sucking dick. Finally, she sat down and sucked both guys off till they came all over her face. She really looked sexy on her knees with cum dripping down her face. And she even wanted some still pictures for her scrapbook of great facials. What a horny girl.

Tanner Mayes
Well guys here is another play, starring Tanner Mayes, as the teen cum slut neighbor. What a disaster as Tanner could not remember her lines and was only good at sucking cock and getting fucked. Needless to say, she was the perfect character actress as she reached into her tortured past to become the perfect teen whore in our production. She fucked Will, the "younger sibling," till he can all over her pussy, then she sucked off his "two older siblings." Then after some cum play, she swallowed all the cum and begged for more, and suddenly, back comes Will and he dumps another load down her throat. With a twinkle in her eye and cum all over she thanks everybody for her big chance to play a dumb teen ho, and off she goes to her next adventure. Another adventure brought to you by Bob Saveaho, local thespian.

sasha hollander
Sasha was in love with Dick, the bigger the better! Using a small dildo, Sasha just could not get off and became frustrated. That's why she jumped on Donkey Dick, deep throating his huge cock, her look of joy as his balls kept on slapping her chin, was priceless. Finally, Donkey just shoved his dick into her tight Asian pussy and just pounded her into submission. Finally, this obedient slut needed her reward, a face full of cum, for a job well done. So down on her knees one more time to suck more cock. Then Donkey and his friends unleashed a torrent of cum, all over her cum starved face. With sperm dripping down her face, she smiled and said, "Thanks for the facial."


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