Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan is in the news for her exploits with Charlie Sheen, however, I was lucky enough to have taped her last scene before she went out the door to catch a flight to LA and party with Charlie Sheen. This little blonde vixen was really hot and she just loved getting pounded or sucking on some big dick. Her only complaint was that it was too cold here in New Jersey and she needed warm weather and a rich dude to party with so she could get over the cold spell here. This little whore was the perfect play thing up for anything and very obedient to what ever cock was pounding her. As for sucking dick, Kacey really enjoyed a cock in her mouth right down to the balls. Now I know why she got so much money from Charlie Sheen. Well, enough about Kacey, check out her full scene and see if Charlie got his money's worth from this little blonde slut.
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Jackie is a fresh faced 18 year old from Georgia who wants to work in porn. She figured it was all part of a career, from high school slut to "porn star" ho. She had the perfect low mileage body but did not know how to use her assets. She liked sucking dick, but with 2 dicks, she lost track of what cock suck. Plus, Jackie had problems deep throating big dicks; she said they were too big for her mouth, although, she did struggle to get two dicks in her mouth at once. She complained about the big dicks fucking her tight pussy, but towards the end of the shoot she loved getting pounded by those huge dicks. Her favorite position was the pile driver. Finally, she took her first 3 guy facial and smiled. Overall, she loved the attention and the sex, and promised learn cum play and cum swallowing. As for us, it was like taking a new car out on a test dive and returning it used.
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Natasha Nice
Natasha is one horny teen slut. Her first words when we met her were, "Who is going to fuck me today??!" Then she showed us her 34D tits as she knelt down and started to suck cock right down to the balls. No gag reflex for Natasha. After a while came the pussy pounding. What a sight, her big tits bouncing, as her pussy was fucked hard as she demanded more dick. After getting plowed, her pussy gaped real nice as she spread it wide open. Finally, Natasha wanted her facial and after sucking on more dick, got thoroughly creamed by 3 guys. There was cum everywhere! Her pretty green eyes turned red because bad aim, cum was in her hair, dripping off her face on her big tits and down to her well fucked pussy.
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Katie Cummings
Katie Cummings was the first Latina to appear on this web site. This busty (34DD) babe gave up a promising career as a lifeguard to be in porn. Where else could she get laid and get paid for what she once gave away free. Plus, Katie was a very submissive slut, who did what she was told. "Saves wear and tear on the brain cells," Katie said, as she followed instructions. Well, she loved giving head and getting her a great work out for her Latina booty, and looked so cute with her face covered in cum. After marinating in all that cum, she left the studio to catch a plane home, leaving the memory of her great tits and booty as a reminder of her visit.
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Alexia Sky
Arriving late for the shoot (she runs on whore time), Alexia had all she can do to get on her knees and start sucking dick. Being from Florida, she enjoyed the way we treated like the slut she is. We even showed her how to deep throat and after barfing on her first dick, liked being throat fucked. At least now, she had a goal in life, taking cock right down to the balls.
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Tandra Day
Tandra Day is a first timer who needed some money and a career, so she decided to become a porn star. So she was definitely thinking like a whore. She explained that she would rather get paid for sex than giving it way, in some parking lot at a club. Her only demand during the shoot was that her get to do anal, as she really loved getting her asshole pounded. Her first anal happened after school, when her "friend" missed her pussy and rammed his dick up her ass. From then on, her friends knew Tandra as the "anal teen queen." After getting pounded, Tandra got 4 big loads of cum for a nice gooey facial. Recently, I found out that she was back in Pennsylvania, working at a club and sucking dick in the back room. I guess that a career in porn was too demanding for this dumb slut.
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